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Pirene's Fountain 2017 "Skin Deep," Volume 9, Issue 17

READING PERIOD May 1st-August 1st

"SKIN DEEP" will explore our perspectives about appearance. How much emphasis do we put on packaging? We are looking for work that speaks about people's ideas about beauty and why it is so important to us. The entire fashion industry thrives on the "ideal" of beauty. How we react to physical attractiveness, and how people are treated because of their looks, skin color, etc.

We would like to explore gender differences about self-image, and conditions like anorexia and bulimia that result from self-image issues because of pressure to conform.

We want poems that speak about what beauty means to you. Is it about outward appearance or something deeper? Are people who do not follow the norm perceived as less than perfect, less valuable or attractive to some, and if so, how? How are people treated when they look different, or have some physical limitations? Does an illness or deformity make someone less beautiful? What about people who do not conform to the narrow standards set by the "beauty" industry? The last couple of decades have seen an explosion in the plastic surgery arena. Tell us what you think about that. What do YOU find beautiful and why?

REGULAR, non-themed poems will also be considered. As always, we look for well-crafted work with layered and impactful language.

Submissions may be attached as a Word document with bio and cover to editor Elizabeth Nichols at Please type "SKIN DEEP" in the subject line of your email.


General Guidelines

  1. Poems with lyricism and imagery, interesting language & emotional resonance.

  2. 3—8 previously unpublished poems with a brief bio.

  3. Poems pasted in body of email unless special formatting requires a word attachment.

  4. Reading Period: May 1st–August 1st.

  5. Timely withdrawal notices appreciated if submitting simultaneously.

  6. We request First North American Serial & archival rights, and the right to include work in future anthologies. All rightsS revert back to author after publication.

  7. We nominate for the Pushcart Prize, and award the Liakoura Poetry Prize with a certificate and Amazon ecard.

  8. Payment is a contributor copy of the journal.

We love reading your poems so please help us maintain our zero tolerance for plagiarism!