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Poetry : Current Issue
November 2013, Volume 6 : Issue 14

Tammy Ho Tiny Scissors
(Featured Poet) Scribbling in Moleskines
Desmond Kon r is for repetition
(Featured Poet) g is for gift
  ex hypothesi :: from the hypothesis
  nomen nudum :: naked name
Diane Adair Message and Light
Sy Margaret Baldwin After the July Bombings on the Underground
Walter Bjorkman Of Remembrance
  Of Departure
Sharon Chmielarz The Assaultist
Lisa Cihlar This is What the Farmer Knows
  Enchantment Trance
Sara Clancy Running
Tobi Cogswell Robert at the Coyanosa Food Center
  Blossoms and Hush
  My Husband's Hands
Joan Colby Weather Vane II
Sue Ann Connaughton Aftersense
Rachel Dacus Honey Enough
  Repairing with the Filament of Red Spiders
  The Round Dance Floor
  Modeling Theresa’s Ecstasy
Diane Dehler Pearl Incantare
  To Debussy
Lori Desrosiers Pressure Cooker
  In the Shadows of Cathedrals
Carol Lynn Grellas Seeded
Hedy Habra Walking Around in Cambodia
  Behind the Scenes
  The Memory of Unspoken Words
  Reading at a Table
Lorien House Kiswick Street After Sandy
Amy Huffman The Virgin Barbie
Lois P. Jones qi (氣)
  Of Roses
  From Your Garden
David W. Landrum The Burning of the Lubin Library
Rustin Larson In the Theatre Next Door
  I Still Talk to My Father
  July 2012, 100 Degrees
Helen Losse Final Retreat
Matt McGee Where It’s All Headed
Mark J. Mitchell Four Imitations of the Medieval Spanish
Scott Owens This Poem
  13 Ways of the Speaker of This Poem
  13 Ways of This Body
George Jisho Roberston Terror
Michael C. Rush "Scoundrels"
Raúl Sánchez Walking Along Someone Else's Borders
Mark A. Sheridan Laïcité
Evan Stephens Pattern
Melissa Studdard Daughter
  They Who See In the Dark
  Painting You into the Scene
  Poem for the Women of Atenco, Mexico
Ambika Talwar One Delhi Evening
  Love: A Cosmic Juggling Act
Judith MK Tepfer Noah’s Mother
Maria Terrone The Birthday Gift
  Circle in a Littered Field
Ruth Vanita Elegy
Marc Vincenz Walled Cities
Helen Wickes Strategies in Pink
  Medicine Chest
L.B. Williams Blue Years
Sarah Yasin Portents
Anna Yin A Glass Onion
Jane Yolen A Roll of the Dice
  One Stone More: Kinessburn