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  Pirene's Fountain
                      A Journal of Poetry

In the lore of Greek myths, naiad Pirene was grief-stricken by the death of her son, Cenchrias. She dissolved into a fountain of tears outside the gates of Corinth. It was said the essence of a naiad was tied to her spring; she could no longer exist if the spring dried up, as is often the case with inspiration and poetry. Pirene’s fountain was one of three springs associated with Pegasus, and was sacred to the muses, who drank of the waters for fresh inspiration.


At Pirene’s Fountain, it is our hope that we can share of each other’s knowledge, and in the spirit of Ancora Imparo –“ I am still learning,” open our hearts and minds to inspiration.

"One of the most calming and powerful actions you can take to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul."
                     ― (Adapted from Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

Anytime we show consideration for others or break the destructive cycle of retaliation in times we feel wronged, the  principles of non-violence are put into practice. In choosing peaceful behavior in the midst of conflict, we  have a powerful chance to promote harmony and  influence our families, communities and ultimately the whole planet in a positive way.


Sonnets to Orpheus: Part II, 29

Silent friend of many distances, feel
how your breath is enlarging space.
Among the rafters of dark belfries
let yourself ring. What preys on you will

strengthen from such nourishment.
Come and go with metamorphosis.
What's your most painful experience?
If the drinking is bitter, turn to wine.

In this huge night, become
the magic at the crossways of your senses.
Be what their strange encounter means.

And if the earthly forgets you,
say to the quiet earth: I flow.
Speak to the rushing water— say: I am.

(Rainer Maria Rilke, 1922)

The written word too, gives us an invaluable opportunity to express our human experience and connect us  in ways verbal communication sometimes cannot. Certainly art in all its forms has the ability to affect us deeply, whether we are in the role of creator or viewer. Through the arts we can explore themes of intercultural, interracial, interfaith and interpersonal tension and discord. Greater understanding and respect across races, religions and cultures is integral to peace, and arts activities which promote constructive dialogue can have great impact across time. All creative endeavors  prosper and flourish best when the mind is without fear. It is only when the baser instincts of hatred, jealously and discord are diminished or eliminated altogether we are free to think new thoughts, plan new projects, and to invent, create and discover the undiscovered for the greater good.


Peace of Mind

If the pool were still
The reflected world
Of tottering houses,
The falling cities,
The quaking mountains
Would cohere on the surface

And stars invisible
To the troubled mind
Be seen in water
Drawn from the soul's
Bottomless well.

(from The Pythones, 1949) Kathleen Raine