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Greetings all,


It’s the time of year chill winds stir and leaves blush red—that season, poet Andrea Gibson writes, when “leaves fall in love with the ground”.  Autumn’s always inspirational, for change is in the air!  We’re pleased you’re here—welcome.

This edition of Pirene’s Fountain features two multi-talented writers, Desmond Kon and Tammy Ho.  In addition, we interview two phenomenal poets—founding editor of the Pebble Lake Review, Amanda Auchter and Diode Poetry Journal editor, Patty Paine.

Congratulations to our Pushcart nominees: Terri Kirby Erickson, Lois P. Jones, Rustin Larson, Mark J. Mitchell, Melissa Studdard and Helen Wickes. Please click on links below to read the poems.

Glass Lyre Press is proud to announce its first publication, “First Water:  The Best of Pirene’s Fountain.”  Choosing works from PF’s first five years proved  a daunting yet rewarding task for the editing team; many thanks to our contributors and loyal readership.  Fast on its heels is “Idyll for a Vanishing River” by Jeffrey C. Alfier and “Speak, Shade” by Raymond Gibson, and starting off the New Year on an exciting note are “Floodwater” by Connie Post, and “Aquamarine” by Yoko Danno.

Please note:  This is Pirene’s Fountain’s last online issue.  Beginning next year, we will publish a single print edition of PF every November. Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit our “Submission Guidelines” section, which has been updated to reflect changes in policy and distribution.  Remember too, you can always join us on Facebook and Twitter; we welcome all constructive thoughts, comments, questions and feedback.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”
Jim Bishop

In closing, valued readers, we invite you to leaf through Pirene’s pages at your leisure; perhaps you’ll come away with hidden gold.

Lark Vernon Timmons
El Paso, Texas

  Pushcart Prize Nominations

Terri Kirby Erickson
Lois P. Jones
Rustin Larson
Mark J. Mitchell
Melissa Studdard
Helen Wickes

The Philosopher Savant Visualizes a Past Incarnation…
Four Imitations of the Medieval Spanish
Strategies in Pink

  Click on name to see poem.