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Poetry : Current Issue
April 2013, Volume 6 : Issue 13

George Bishop Passing a Cemetery in Light Rain
Rose Mary Boehm Phoenix
  Year of the Black Water Dragon
Linda Boyden Solstice
Helen Brandenburg Richard Kisses the Toes of Statues
Janet Butler Memento Mori
Francesca Castaño In the Box
Michael Ceraolo Everyday People
Jamez Chang Sara Module
Travis Hedge Coke Topographies
Sara Fitzpatrick Comito Who, hero?
Chris Crittenden Moth
  Air Meditation
  Over Arizona
Lori Desrosiers She Wore Me Out
Richard Dinges Blue Shadow
Terri Kirby Erickson
  Woman on the Dock
  The Man Who Cuts His Grass with...
Linda Annas Ferguson The Rapture
Michaela A. Gabriel 098 californium (cf) –The day I fell in...
Jeannine Hall Gailey The Trail Goes Cold...
  Snow White Imagines
  Lessons from Zork...
Marianne Gambaro Transfiguration
Raymond Gibson Gigan
Andrey Gritsman Lake
Hedy Habra The Canary & the Feathered Mask
  Lidless Eyes
  The Captive
Mary Hutchins Harris Damascena
  If There Are No Dark Glasses
Melinda Hipple Mary Mary quite contrary
Rich Ives Plank
Jaqueline Jules Extracting Memory, Harry Potter Style
Robert S. King A Window on the Best of Possibilities
Lori Lamothe Travelogue
  Fire & Ice
  Quantum Neruda
  Fairy Tale
Rustin Larson The Philosopher Savant Visualizes...
Kateema Lee Poem where you are space
Richard Luftig Mono No Aware
Katherine MacCue Remembering April
Djelloul Marbrook After image
Corey Mesler It was Lightening, I was Feeling Better
LouAnn Shepard Muhm Manifest
Karen Neuberg winter body in the bubble of now
Elizabeth Nichols I Read And
  My Friend, My Friend
John Nimmo Lead Apron
Martie Odell Ingebretsen Fashioned from Time Backwards
Marie Olofsdotter Hands
Scott Owens 13 Ways of Direction
  13 Ways of Wonder
Brandon Reiter Double scotch on the rocks
Peter L. Scacco Moto Perpetuo
Danny Earl Simmons Falling Flower
Judith Skillman The Coyote Returns
Lee Slonimsky The Trader
J.R. Solonche Somewhere in the Dark the Day Begins
Joannie Strangeland An Oracle in the Hand
  Talons, Squall Taut
Maria Terrone In the Land of the Astral Biologists
  The Sleuth Tries Time Cloaking
William S. Tribell Banshee Caoin
Carol Tyx Dream Train
K.J. Van Deusen The Chosen Child: A Fairy Tale
Marc Vincenz Circumnavigating
Daniela Voicu Sky Hands
Jane Yolen Artistic Statement #1
  Where the Pulse Lies
  One Woman with Wings
Marly Youmans The Fool is Sealed in the Dark
  Water Burial of the Fool