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Dear Readers,


It is always a privilege to welcome our ever-growing readership and contributors back to Pirene’s Fountain, a Journal of Poetry; we trust you will enjoy our current issue with a Fantasy/Science Fiction edge, where distinguished  and multi-talented author, Jane Yolen  returns as featured poet. In addition, we present some interesting interviews and reviews, including a conversation with Michael Rothenberg who speaks of his involvement with the 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement.

Looking ahead, the October 2013 PF will revolve around various issues regarding anti-terrorism. You may check submission guidelines here on our website or follow us on Facebook for information and updates. Great news!  Pirene’s Fountain now falls under the umbrella of newly launched Glass Lyre PressPlease do visit and get acquainted with our mission, staff and submission particulars. Beginning in 2014, Pirene’s Fountain will appear annually in print. Also in the works from GLP is a “Best of” volume of Pirene’s poetry with proposed release in the latter part of this year.  

Reflective of the new developments, the Pirene’s Fountain Editors’ Award has been renamed, henceforth to be known as the Liakoura* Poetry Prize. We congratulate our nominated poets: C. Derick,  Amy L. George,  Hedy Habra,  Lois P. Jones, and Mark J. Mitchell, and are pleased to name Lois P. Jones the winner of the 2012 Liakoura Poetry Prize for her poem “Demure.”

Congratulations also to our contributors and friends who have new books out! Please scroll down to check out their links.

Most importantly, we are indebted to our loyal following of contributors and readers for their continued support, without whom our latest venture into publishing would not have been possible.  Pirene’s Fountain invites you to make yourself at home and join us on our journey moving forward. We invite you to share your comments and impressions on the site.
Lark Vernon Timmons
El Paso, Texas

Links to new publications:

[link] The Philosopher’s Daughter by Lori Desrosiers
[link] Tea in Heliopolis by Hedy Habra
[link] Wild in the Plaza of Memory by Pam Uschuk

*[Lee-AH-koo-rah] Contemporary term for Parnassus, with its several meanings:  1) Mountain located in central Greece, north of Corinth.  2) Collection of poems or of elegant literature.  3) The world of poetry or poets collectively.  4) Any center of poetry or artistic activity.