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Our heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful people for their contributions to the April 2013 issue of Pirene’s Fountain:

All our submitting poets—for sharing their wonderful words over the past five years. Working on this journal has been an extraordinarily rich and rewarding experience for us!

Jane Yolen—for permission to use her exceptional poetry from various book collections, and for her gracious participation for the Showcase feature and interview.

Nikolus Cook—for his book review.

Michael Rothenberg, Scott Owens, Jane Yolen—for their gracious participation in our interview series.

Katherine Herschler—web and layout editor, for exceptional dedication and competence in putting together the entire issue of this journal. Katherine also deserves an extra round of applause as the recipient of our 2012 staff award of excellence!

Tracy McQueen—for her beautiful artwork for our Fantasy/Science Fiction issue. Tracy will be leaving the staff position at Glass Lyre and Pirene’s Fountain to develop her career. She has agreed to work with us on a freelance basis when the occasion arises.

Finally, a warm welcome to associate editor Royce Hamel, and congratulations to Lark Vernon Timmons, who has stepped up as editor-in-chief of Pirene’s Fountain.