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William S. Tribell was born Kentucky. He currently lives in Budapest where he doesn't sleep much, eats bad Hungarian pizza, drinks good local liquor and the television has no subtitles. William's work has been published in many journals and magazines around the world and online, including Mensa's Calliope, Spudgun, Cowboys & Indians magazine, Mad Swirl, Dead Beats, and The Tericotta Typewriter. Many of his poems have been audio recorded spoken word and with instrumentation by John Blyth  Barrymore, 2012 Radio Hall of Fame inductee Gary Burbank, and others. His favourite color is green.



Osiris’ great sweet wort;
Ninkasi’s glistening, rushing river
That bounty; the sacred gift -
From the stores gently coaxed
And delicately crafted
Stories and joy to share
Hidden within the wheat and hops
As any heart must lighten and lift
Spiriting and inspired to raise smile
That no man’s face can belie
Like Sekhmet’s clouded amber peace
The vessel; the bowl -
Pitcher, jug, tankard, mug, cast or keg
Barley malt floating like Thor’s kettle
To be grasped by the hand of man
And raised in toast or blessing
For the future, for health and fortune