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Connie Post served as Poet Laureate of Livermore, California from 2005 to 2009. Her work has appeared in Calyx, Kalliope, Cold Mountain Review, Crab Creek Review, Comstock Review, Slipstream, Pirene’s Fountain, Barnwood International, The Pedestal Magazine, Prick of the Spindle, and The Toronto Quarterly.  She won the 2009 Caesura Poetry Award.


In Vino Veritas  (It’s the  Wine that speaks the truth)

The holidays are coming
the fermented fall is ready

I pour a glass of red
preparing myself for the final crush of summer
the seasonal bottling of sanity
aged on the shelf until spring

I remember family dinners
taste the way
the truth is often distilled
in controlled sips of memory and Merlot

the rolls are passed
like unacknowledged servings of rage

unfinished glasses of vintage violations
spill slowly across the white napkins

dessert is eventually served like portions of affection
always measured  and gone too soon

as inebriation disrobes
so does the night

the wine sheds inhibitions
like a snake does its skin
and scorn falls down the bodies
of those left sober

the candor of those years
still seeps into my pours
soaking my clothing
dripping onto the floor of night
like a viscous and pungent truth