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Maren O. Mitchell’s poems have appeared in Southern Humanities Review, The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Wild Goose Poetry Review, The Classical Outlook, Pirene’s Fountain, Appalachian Journal, The Arts Journal, Sunrise from Blue Thunder, and elsewhere. Her work is forthcoming in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia. Her nonfiction book, Beat Chronic Pain, An Insider’s Guide, will be published this fall through Line of Sight Press, She has taught poetry at Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC, and catalogued at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site. For twenty years, across five states, she has taught the Japanese art of origami.


Chocolate Power

The love, the need for chocolate is innate,
both haves and have nots reach to satisfy
with flavor, texture, lift, its triple bait.
A Mayan drink of spice and foam to satiate
the royals, priests and all the gods on high:
the love, plus need for chocolate is innate.
Montezuma tossed his golden goblet
each time he drank the last drop, drained it dry.
The flavor, texture, lift, is triple bait.
More valuable than gold—disproportionate.
A slave, one hundred beans; one rabbit, eight could buy:
a love and need for chocolate is innate.
The taste spread round the world to captivate
all palates, sweet and savory, to electrify—
its flavor, texture, lift, a triple bait!
One fix a day, a good barbiturate:
a food of gods, whose depth will pacify.
Our love, our need for chocolate is innate,
all flavors, textures, lift, its triple bait.