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Tricia Knoll is a Portland, Oregon poet. Retired after decades of communication work for the City of Portland, now she is focusing on poetry. Recent publications include RAIN Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, Elohi Gadugi Journal, and upcoming publication in VoiceCatcher and an anthology on sleep.


Flesh to Flesh

The January night’s blow of sleet
crusting the skylight can’t touch our nest,
you and I enchilada-ed in my frayed robe,
snug inside a golden fleece. 

The blue rocking chair
sways under the push of my big toe,
like waves on a calm, safe sea
I sigh into your damp sparse hair. 

Inside our cocoon of 2 a.m. feeding
you drink my milk, lips partly latching
on swollen nipple, eyes sleeping,
warm milk drooling down my belly. 

Ice on glass dims the street light. 
I pull my foot into our wad of we.
The sea we sail rocks both
mammal mother and newborn child.