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Ruth Bavetta’s work has been published in Nimrod, Tar River Review, Rattle, North American Review, Rhino, Poetry East, and Poetry New Zealand, among others. She has work included in the anthologies Twelve Los Angeles Poets and Wait a Minute, I Have to Take off My Bra. Ruth is a graduate of the University of Southern California, California State University San Bernardino, and Claremont Graduate University.


The Bartenders’s Guide to Summer Drinks

Gin and tonics must be drunk
while sitting in an ancient
director's chair, feet up
on the railing of the deck,

as the late afternoon sun
slants across the meadow
and the shadows of the pines
turn long.

A child ought to call from the dike.
He’s landed a crappie. The smell of smoke
and charcoal starter must drift
from a deck three cabins away.

Your parents should still be alive,
your mother talking
about where she's going fishing
in the morning, your father
cracking wise, more gin than tonic.

This is the high tide of the years of gin.
When it recedes you will be able
to sweep the broken shingles of the cabin
from your shoulders.

And after the developers
create mosquito heaven
by damming the stream, the quinine
will have kept malaria away