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Pirene's Fountain
Beverage Issue

Special Online Anthology
October 2012, Volume 5 : Issue 12

Heather Angier Aquafina
Shawn Aveningo Morning Ritual
Ruth Bavetta  The Bartender’s Guide to Summer Drinks
Carol Berg Oenophile
  Self-Portrait as a Glass of Chardonnay
Rumjhum Biswas Champagne is for Wimps
Rose Mary Boehm Eight grapes to wine
Clyde L. Borg Encounters
Bob Bradshaw Absinthe
Cathy Bryant Strange Juice
Sharon Chmielarz    A Small Repast of Tea and Kippers
Alex Cigale Mouth, to Mouth
Lisa J. Cihlar Artemisia Absinthium
Joan Colby Drinking
Kelly Cressio-Moeller Coff of Cuppy
Yoko Danno Taste of a Blue Lake
  Beyond the Tropics
Cristina del Canto Rafflesia Arnoldi
Lori Desrosiers   At the Tea Tasting
Roger Desy Sap—
William Doreski Moving Upstairs
Amy L. George Tea for a Phoenix
Alex Grant Wine
  In the Sake House  
Hedy Habra Insomnia in Sorrento
  What’s in a Cup?
David M. Harris Adrift
Lois P. Jones Demure
Tricia Knoll Flesh to Flesh
Rustin Larson One Cup of Tea
Gina Marie Lazar Tequila Shot: An Act in 10 Parts
D.C. Lynn Dreaming of Aranjuez
John C. Mannone A Glass of Stella
Lori A. May Drinks Among Friends
Tim McLafferty Kanpai
Maren O. Mitchell Chocolate Power
Jude Cowan Montague Goose Woman and Good Son
Elizabeth Nichols Ode for G
James B. Nicola Sodden Song
George H. Northrup Polydipsia
Yagni Payal The Burning Martini
Holly Pettit Anise
Connie Post In Vino Veritas
Susan Rogers When the Window Opens
Raúl Sánchez Oyster Bar
John Savoie Latte
  The Well
Gali-Dana Singer Preview Screening I
Hal Sirowitz Why I liked Root Beer
Craig Colin Smith Thirst
Gene Tanta The Story of C
Maria Terrone Uncorking the Aged Wine
William S. Tribell Beer
K.J. Van Deusen When You Drink Prosecco in Praiano
Laura Madeline Wiseman Hot Chocolate
Philip Waff Whitley Angel’s Share
Peter Wyton Regulars
Jane Yolen Split Decision
  Durak with Tea: A Prose Poem