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Poetry : Current Issue
April 2012, Volume 5 : Issue 11

David Caddy Our Life Is Always Somewhere Between
(Featured Poet) Tomorrow Is Another Day
Lyn Lifshin Reading Song to a Sea Gull
(Featured Poet) I Think I Understand
John Siddique FRAGMENT
(Featured Poet) BEFORE
Linda Boyden Where Are the Crazy Poets?
April Bulmer Daughter of the Moon: Spring Fever
Holly Burnside Pin-up
Jessie Carty Handkerchief Skin
Justine Chan Inescapably Me
Sharon Chmielarz Dance Site on the Yellowstone Trail
Yoko Danno fire realm
Darren C. Demaree Sparrow Bone
C. Derick Pennies on the Dollar
Trina Drotar The Lightness of Heavy Words
Olga Dugan Legacy for My Native Guardian
Donna L. Emerson Together
Mimi Ferebee The Cool of Her Atlantic Touch
Adam Fieled #159
Ricky Garni Before You Go
Alex Grant On the Banality of Evil
Allison Grayhurst Weather
David M. Harris Olive Alive
Paul Hostovsky Fledgling
Robert S. King The Landowners of Pompeii
Kateema Lee In Utero: A Hitchcock Retrospective
Carol Levin Age Retrospect in Hindsight
Stephen Massimilla AT EDGE OF EARTH...
Joe Mills Sestina
Mark J. Mitchell A Theme from Lawrence
Colin Morton The Greats of Math
Paul Ó Colmáin Sí (a poem in Gaelic with translation)
Scott Owens A Disambiguation of Masks
Connie Post Extremities
Andrea Potos Evening Summer Walk
Mary Kay Rummel For Us Who Are Afraid
Raúl Sánchez Kumbhamela for the Crows
Richard Schiffman Chicken Cosmology
Leah Shelleda FireSpeak
Judith Skillman The Water Lily
Michael Dwayne Smith Love Poems, Grace
J.R. Solonche Elegy for a House Finch Killed Against...
Joannie Stangeland August Is Just Long
Tim Suermondt City for the Taking
Elizabeth Kate Switaj In the Fold
Carol Tyx Corpse Pose
James Valvis City Snowstorm Safari
Nikki Wallschlaeger Io’s Children (sonnet)
Jane Yolen Tenth Avenue Highline
  The Making of Poetry