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From Volume 4, Issue 10 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • I don't often take the time to pick up a book of poems, but after reading Craig Colin Smith's review of Body Rhymes by Donna Emerson, I'm looking forward to spending some time with this one for sure. Thanks so much!
    Steve Whitney
    Takoma Park MD

  • I am loving reading this latest issue. Poem by poem, slowly, it is beautiful. There aren't many journals where I love so much of the work. Thank you for including me.
    Mary Kay Rummel

  • Pirene’s Fountain is a fine, fine journal. Beautifully selected poetry packaged in a beautifully designed webzine format.
    Daniel R. Rivers

  • Sometimes I read poetry and am left scratching my head. I like the philosophy, the aesthetics, the organized user-friendly website, the full spectrum of available material and most of all, the poetry of Pirene’s Fountain. It is ONE terrific journal.
    Keith Owens