PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Poetry : Current Issue
October 2011, Volume 4 : Issue 10

Scott Owens Looking for Faces in the Night Sky
(Featured Poet) Original Sin
  In the Cathedral of Fallen Trees
CJ Sage The Weatherman’s Broken Promise
(Featured Poet) Open House
Malaika King Albrecht Beyond the Clover Meadow
  The Secret Keeper
Linda Ardison Because of Everything
Vanessa Blakeslee Advice
Jane Blue Letters Written by the Dead
  Sometimes an Angel
Lisa J. Cihlar The Optimist Does Origami
  Longer Nights are Coming
Beth Copeland Thumbnail Moon
William Cullen, Jr. Three Tanka
Holly Day Violets
Donavon Davidson Maps
Michael Dickel Challah
Richard Dinges, Jr. Obituary IV
Anthony Frame The Legal Team of Nietzsche...
Alex Grant Swimming at Night
  On the Persistence of Rain
  Smoke and Mirrors
Timothy Gray Caballero
  Frank O’Hara at Fire Island, July 1966
John Grey Finding the Right One
Hedy Habra Liberation Square
Tresha Faye Haefner To Zarathustra
  Blue Fish in February
Maryanne Hannan Imagination Is Never Wasted on the Young
Penny Harter Step on a Crack
Kevin Heaton Cheyenne
Melinda B Hipple The Sketch
Martie Odell-Ingebretsen To Keep the Leaves
Stacy W. Julin Shedding Skin
Yuri Kageyama Haiku for Van Gogh
  ways of saying “yes” in Japanese
Maureen Kingston Fraternal Twins
Kathleen Kirk Ecstasy and the Redbird
Austin Kodra Construction
C. Ann Kodra Cat Feet in Fog
Ash Krafton Of Light and Love (Ghazal)
Peter Layton The Narrowing
Rustin Larson The Collected Discography of Morning
Brenda Kay Ledford Fishing
Claude Limoges Chinese Sculpture at Innisfree, 1998
Helen Losse Mustard Seed
Dennis Maloney Early morning, Hefei China
David McAleavey Including the  story about the Lake...
Catherine McGuire Wild Carrot
Corey Mesler St. Valentine’s Day, Morning
Maren O. Mitchell Eating Nasturtiums
Suchoon Mo On The Winter Beach
  An Empty Glass
Avishek Parui Transgressions
D. Eric Parkison Coliseum
Rod Peckman Hart Crane Leaping Like an Angel...
Simon Perchik This grass left for dead, the mower
Gary Percesepe Fragments
  Snowed In
Steve Roberts Revolution
James Robison Hector
Mary Kay Rummel Firebird
  Wounded Angel
Jake Sheff Homeland
Danny Earl Simmons Death by Chrysalis
Craig Colin Smith Tanka
  you are bothered by the obvious things
Laura Solomon Frida Kahlo’s Cry
Rae Spencer Cepheid
Peter Taylor The Glass Flowers at Harvard
Maria Terrone Introducing the Forest to Vivaldi
  Words to Unpin Yourself from the Wall
K.J. Van Deusen Once Upon Banderas Bay
Marc Vincenz Black Skies
  Crushed Dragon Bones
Christopher Willard Better Gods at Lower Prices
Jane Yolen The Pale
Marly Youmans Blue Sky, Blue Tree
  The Yoke
  The Fool's Talismans