PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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April 2011, Volume 4 : Issue 9


Alex Grant The Hanging Temple at Hengshan
(Featured Poet) On Waking From a Dream
Aimee Nezhukumatathil Paper Person
(Featured Poet)  
Sy Margaret Baldwin Going Through the Photographs
George Bishop Thinking of You From a Canoe
Mark Blaeuer Easter
April Michelle Bratten In Kentucky I Met a Man
Wendy Breuer Language Lessons
Brad Buchanan recession
Jeremy Byars Fragments
David Caddy Wild Swans At Stur Mill
  Beauty as Melody
Daniel Casey Beginning with a line from Addie Tsai
Yu-Han Chao Taiwanese Witch
Travis Hedge Coke Original Returns
Kathleen Corcoran Castle Roche
  Old Recipes
Kelly Cressio-Moeller Big Sur Retreat in Spring
  Magnolia Soulangiana (saucer magnolia)
Chris Crittenden Unheard
  Too High
  Light and Air
Anannya Dasgupta From the Steps of the Jama Masjid
Lilly Deng Continent
Kim Farrar To Jon Anderson
Marco Moreno Flores Hunting Rites
Adam Fieled # 12
Mike Finley Hand
  A Short Song to the Stars
Brian Fone Kore Extending
  Black Cockatoos
  Alpha and Omega
Hedy Habra Hiding Under Brushstrokes
  To My Son Upon his First Visit to Lebanon
  Broken Ladder
Kathleen Hellen Bonsai
  The Great Katana
  She Who Listens To Puccini
Adam Hughes On Exiting the Highway...
Marcia L. Hurlow Fireflies
  Fish Stories
Donald Illich Arrow
Emmanuel Jakpa Sligo
Larry Jordan Translation
  In Spite of Doves
Adrianne Kalfopoulou Curing Olives
  Of Cicadas
Karen Kelsay Summer in Italy
Susan Klauber Between the Japa Beads: Six Minutes
Jee Leong Koh Sons and Daughters
  Five Poems
Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka Face Half-Illuminated, Half in Shadow
  Butterfly Balm
Kathleen Kraft City After the Destruction
  Climbing Kandinsky
Rustin Larson Pavement 12
Ann Neuser Lederer The Baby Graves
Lyn Lifshin Montmartre
  But Instead Has Gone Into Woods
Aine MacAodha An Geimhreadh (The Winter)
Bruce Majors Solitary Places
Laura Manuelidis an old song
J.J. McKenna All Night
Julie L. Moore The Painted Lady and the Thistle
Meredith Mullins Christchurch Botanical Gardens
Lalita Noronha From Bombay to Baltimore: Thirty Years Later
  Phony Lines
Sherry O’Keefe Somewhere in Manhattan
  The Present Perfect
Martie Odell-Ingebretsen Jet Lag
Scott Owens Solitude
  13 Ways of Flowers
Helen R. Peterson When the Wall Came Down
Andrea Potos When I’m Needing Some Kind of Comfort
  Athens, First Night
  On Serifos
Russell H. Ragsdale locked
  russian dvor
C.J. Sage The Fountain
Raul Sanchez Smoke
Peter L. Scacco Madonna dal collo lungo
Dawn Schout Golden Gate
Aidan Semmens From a sonnet sequence “The Book of Isaac”
James Valvis Thief
Milla van der Have Stone Horses at Glendalough Hotel
Sweta Srivastava Vikram Was it a myth?
Nicholas YB Wong Lands
Natalie Williams Tokoloshe
  Coming Home
Jane Yolen Goodbye to the Gulls
Lisa Zaran Suspension
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé as with a haiku about akhmatova
  as with a haiku’s vertical axis
  a faded postcard is a tanka daydream
  illuminism is a fleck of tanka
  teasdale’s blue squills behind a gogyohka