PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Don't stand there on the doorstep shivering, come on in! It's still chilly here in Scotland but fortunately, I have a large, heart-warming pot of poetic broth on the stove.  We last gathered in the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” In the intervening months, my fellow editors have kept the pot simmering to ladle out another edition of Pirene’s Fountain.

In this issue, we are honoured to welcome again Dorianne Laux and Joseph Millar. Both previously featured in PF, the pre-eminent couple of American poetry bring very different yet complimentary ingredients—be sure to read their new interview. Many of you will be familiar with the work of multi-pushcart nominated J.P. Dancing Bear. He is an important poetic voice in his own right, and also esteemed editor of American Poetry Journal. Please take note of the fabulous work by Elisa Boughner, whose art appears throughout this issue.

We have also taken stock of the fantastic submissions of 2009 to select the winner of our second Annual Editor's Award. The poems that made the final selection were sent blind to Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, editor of the Aurorean:

At a Gallery of Unknowns
King Solomon's Overture
13 Ways of Poetry

Malcolm Alexander
Mary Hutchins Harris
Melinda B Hipple
Scott Owens

The editors of Pirene’s Fountain congratulate all the finalists, and are pleased to award the 2009 prize to
Mary Hutchins Harris for King Solomon’s Overture. According to the judge:

“It is remarkable that a poem so concise is also so rich in imagery—imagery that brings the reader’s senses in immediately. We see, smell, even taste and touch those luscious images, objects. But an unnamed, haunting sense is at play here, too. The poem’s title is perfect because the poem is itself a fitting “Solomon’s Song.” The poem’s design is structured to echo all it needs to be.”

Also, Congratulations to Kim Addonizio. Her poem For You, was selected for the “Best of the Net” from our 2009 nominations to Sundress Publications.

We thank all submitters and contributors, especially those whose work could not be included due to limitations of space.  Also, we thank our readers, many of whom have supported and encouraged us from our first issue onward.

Round these parts, when the broth has been partaken of, and bowls mopped clean with crusts, it is traditional to gather before the peat fire with a wee dram of malt whisky.  Before the glowing embers we anticipate the prospect of the October edition, when the remarkable, award winning poet Linda Pastan and Minnesota luminary Jim Moore will be a la carte, and our theme, “Music.” As always, we look forward to reading your submissions for the next issue.

Until then, happy supping!

Oliver Lodge
Edinburgh, Scotland