PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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April 2010

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Poetry : Current Issue
April 2010, Volume 3 : Issue 7

J.P. Dancing Bear Night as a Love Poem
(Featured Poet) A Blue Mountain at Sunset
Dorianne Laux The Orgasms of Organisms
(Featured Poet) The Last Days of Pompeii
Joseph Millar Love Pirates
(Featured Poet) Doorway
Lisa Alvarado Reclamation
Eric Basso Stepping Stones
Gary Beck Love's Arrival
R. Steve Benson Damselfly
Jennifer Hollie Bowles Settling
Amanda J. Bradley Cups
David Nelson Bradsher Turning the Tide
Lisa Marie Brodsky Aislyn's Truth
Roberta Burnett Rochambaux: A Love Song in Counterpoint
Hélène Cardona Inquisitive Life
Peter Carlaftes even the drain leads somewhere
Christine Casher An American Sonnet
Geoff Cooper Red Fruit (Bonnard: Fruits sur un tapis rouge)
Virginia Crawford Purity
Alison Croggon Seduction Poem
Nabina Das Jeanne Moreau's Song
Tatjana Debeljački Haiku in Serbian
Karen Douglass People of the Aftermath
Theresa Edwards After Surgery
Chris Elder Desire
Darrell Epp Planting Rainbows
Linda Annas Ferguson Endings
Adam Fieled #1518
Kat Georges The Cornflakes Tasted Better When Jordon Was On The Box
Maria Mazziotti Gillan The Past is a Door We Pass Through
Michelle Gilliam Orchids from King Kong
Alex Grant Euclid
John Grey Lisa in the Mirror
John Griffiths Conjunction
Mary Hutchins Harris pairs: the short program
Nancy Hechinger Making Eggs
Serena Hess Noxzema
Melinda B Hipple Unrequited
  One Breath
Adrianne Kalfopoulou Be Brave
Diane Lockward A Murmuration of Starlings
Amy MacLennan Traveling
David T. Manning Fire
Cathy McGuire Primrose
Hollace Metzger Being Pale Next to You
  Paper Ships
Charles Morrison Prism
Scott Owens Counting the Ways
  Liberated Love Poem
Richard Oyama The Ear
Paul Lobo Portugés Morning North Wind: Kai-hui to her beloved Mao
Greta Pullen Olga Costa Paintings: Hermanitos (1950)
Blu Rider Nether Kynballoch
Laura Sobbott Ross Aruba
Raúl Sánchez Moonlight Kiss
Carolee Sherwood Jalopy Dear
Roger G. Singer August
Craig Colin Smith Tides
Paul Christian Stevens Two Seconds
Brad Stiles Left
Maria Terrone To Suspend your Life for Another
  Vase of Tears
Sherry Pederson Thrasher Bella Monica
Jari Thymian A Life that Curls
  What is Woven
Lark Vernon Timmons Vows
  Good Question
Margaret Walther This Cup and Saucer
Lafayette Wattles Edgar's Eulogy of Lear
Jill Carmmond Wickham Integration
Jane Yolen Parts of Speech