PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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From Volume 2, Issue 6 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • Classy…sophisticated…thoroughly engaging poetry magazine. Pirene’s Fountain makes good use of the internet as a medium for writers, readers and artists. A wealth of excellent poetry, and excursions into the craft of master poets propels it among the better literary journals, and the easy to navigate website only adds to its attraction.

  • Loved the craft interview with Jane Hirshfield. I feel like I learned something about writing in general, not just poetry.

  • I only recently discovered Pirene’s Fountain thanks to a visit to the 2009 Best of the Net Anthology and have enjoyed the discovery very much. In addition to publishing work by writers I admire (like Kim Addonizo, Michelle Bitting, Dorianne Laux. Mark Doty, Corey Messler, and others), you have published work by wonderful poets with whom I was unfamiliar. 
    Lafayette Wattles

  • Pirene’s Fountain is quality and content in one beautiful package. As a fan of Ms. Kaye's work, I'm not surprised. She has the knack of surrounding herself with talented people.

  • This issue is incredible. I love the features, the poetry and artwork. The entire effect is stunning. I went back into the archives to see if they were as good and was amazed to see they were. The articles on the poets helped me to understand their poetry better and the craft interview with Jane Hirshfield was great. I have ordered her book The October Palace and also Alive Together after reading the article about Lisel Mueller who is truly one of the greats. Thanks for putting out such an inspiring literary magazine!

  • I love everything about the fall issue. The colors are warm and the pictures beautiful. You have some really beautiful poetry in these pages and all the featured poets are very different and impressive in their own way. I am tempted to submit, but fear I'll fall short of the high standards.
    Jeffrey Sanders

  • Very beautiful journal. I have been reading since the first issue and each one is
    worthy in its own right. Each issue has a different mood and feel--kudos to the editing staff and production team for such an extensive effort. The finished product is fabulous. I have enjoyed the diversity of poetry available, and learning from the masters. Great job, Pirene's Fountain.
    Doug Hiers

  • What can I say? Each edition of this stunning journal is a work of art in itself! Every issue is different yet each contains a high quality of presentation and depth of content. I hope you are around for a long, long time to share your gifts with us.

  • I think the new PF is really wonderful. I especially like Aine MacAodha's work and Kristin Ann Fahlbusch's poems--and I dig the "Jealous Poem" by LaBounty. All in all, this is a really nice collection.

  • I just wanted to say how much Sheila Mullen Twyman's "Starnose Mole" spoke to me. Many years ago when I lived in Massachusetts, I met Sheila at a poetry reading, and published her work in the Aurorean. “Starnose Mole” shows the intricate beauty—and I might add sacredness—of a creature generally thought of with distaste—and much of the time, labeled as a pest and destroyed so that people can have a “perfect” lawn.  Bravo to Sheila—and PF for publishing such a concise, thoughtful (and thought-provoking) perfectly-written poem.
    Cynthia Brackett-Vincent

  • What is there not to like in this gorgeous poetry magazine? Reading it makes you want to linger and return.