PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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October 2009


Dear Readers,


Welcome to Pirene’s Fountain. In the northern hemisphere, folks will be enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn. Wherever you are in the world, we hope you enjoy our latest edition. 

Our showcase poet this month is the award-winning poet, writer, translator, essayist and educator, Jane Hirshfield. Countless fans will enjoy reading her poetry in this issue. Please be sure to check out her brilliant insights in our interview: Deep Craft: A Conversation with Jane Hirshfield.

Also in this issue, we have featured three other notable poets. In May 2008, we published a selection of poems by Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, whose poetry is down to earth and full of energy and verve. We invite you to get to know the poet behind the words. We are also presenting the work of extensively published Iowan poet, Rustin Larson. Rustin’s two collected works The Wine-Dark House and Crazy Star have been widely praised for their combination of brilliant imagery and diverse use of language. 

Our third featured poet has a background many of us can relate to. For almost fifty years, Richard Farwell had largely kept his writing to an audience of close family and friends. Finally, in 2003, Richard was convinced to publish a slim volume of his poetry, Lines from Quiet Hours. The result is a fascinating journey of styles and themes that cover half a century of writing. 

In this issue, we are also pleased to announce “Best of the Net” nominations: For You by Kim Addonizio, Trees are Time by Dorianne Laux, Witching Hour by Steve Meador and Two Versions of Bear Canyon by Rebecca Seiferle. Nominations for the Pushcart Prize are:

Kim Addonizio
Cynthia Brackett-Vincent
J.P. Dancing Bear
Jane Hirshfield
Simon Perchik
Rebecca Seiferle

For You
Come Morning
By the Light of a Lemon
When Your Life Looks Back
Untitled (Between my Hands)
Two Versions of Bear Canyon

Pirene’s Fountain would not exist without our poets and readers. We thank our submitting poets for all their excellent work, and our readers for their wonderful comments, feedback and letters.

Finally, I invite you to consider the issues we have planned for next year. We have some superb poetry coming up, with our featured poets for the April 2010 edition being Dorianne Laux, Joseph Millar and J.P. Dancing Bear. In this issue, we will also be announcing our 2009 Editors' award. Both of next year’s issues will be themed: Love for April 2010, and Music for October 2010. Please consult guidelines before submitting.

Once again, thank you for joining us for this edition, we hope you have as much pleasure in reading it as we had in putting it together.

Tony Walbran
Sydney, Australia