PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Comments submitted by some of our readers:

From Volume 2, Issue 5 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • Just when I think this e-magazine could not improve or be better than the last….well, it proves me wrong.  I have loved all editions, but this one is even better. It is exceptional in its visual beauty as well as its fine writing.   I think it is one of the finest on-line magazines we have and it gives us the opportunity to read some new poets, and some more established poets.  Not that easy to get your writing into this publication, but no one need ever feel anything but pride when their work is accepted.
    Julie George 

  • Joe Millar's "Poem for Rembrandt" brought me to your site, and I am grateful both to his poetry and your magazine.

  • I thought the Jan issue the best with its great poetry and the spread on MissMueller-what a great poet! This May issue's even better. The artwork is magnificent and all the features and poetry, so inspiring. After reading this issue I suddenly got the urge to write!

  • Dear Editor,

    Thank for introducing me to an exceptional poet. I had never read Lisel Mueller’s poetry before although I’ve heard her name. Your feature was insightful and shared your admiration of the poet.

    I loved the poems you chose as a sampling and will continue to find more of her poetry. I am ordering her book.

    Jack Perrin

  • This is a literary journal that delivers quality. The poetry is well chosen and with a diverse range and the featured articles and interviews are insightful. After reading the profiles, I looked up the poets and was inspired by their work.
    Francine Roberts

  • I especially like the articles about some great poets. I bought "Alive Together" after reading the January article about Lisel Mueller and I am still learning just by reading her book! She is amazing. I also liked the article on Maria Terrone and Rebecca Seiferle. After reading about the poets and their poetry, I felt like I was able to appreciate them better.

    A joy to read and view. All genres, forms, styles have found a common watering hole--at the springs of Pirene!
    John Masterson

  • Pirene's Fountain Journal is the "Creme de la creme!" Love this stunning edition with the "to die for" pens! Beautiful poetry in every shape and size and insightful features. Give us more, more, more!
    Geoff Saunders

  • It’s beautiful.  Pirene's Fountain is a work of art!
    Joye S. Giroux

  • You did a terrific job with the journal; it's so vibrant and full of light, and I'm very happy with the presentation of my work. It's a real gift to have one's work so showcased.
    Rebecca Seiferle

  • I am overwhelmed with the talent displayed on this site.  To think I might be a part of this company is too much for me to take in.

  • I haven't had a chance to get into too deep, but holy cow, it's gorgeous so far. Can't wait to read more.   
    Amy MacLennan

  • Bravo! Nothing less than a standing ovation for this issue!