PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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James S. Wilk is a physician in Denver, Colorado, specializing in medical disorders complicating pregnancy.  His deep and abiding interests in medicine, childbirth, the ancient world, and human relationships permeate his poems.  His work has appeared in a variety of literary and medical journals, including Measure, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, The Salt Flats Annual, The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, The Raintown Review, The Barefoot Muse and CHEST. His chapbook, Shoulders, Fibs, and Lies, is available through Pudding House Press.


At Body Worlds

The cadaver
was mullioned
and inglenooked,

by a dozen

the anatomical
sections displayed
by pulling them out

like the drawers
of an armoire—
a box of intestine

here; there
a little bit of
heart and soul.

(April, 2009)

"Lessons in anatomy" by Rembrandt van Rijn