PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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With a Ph.D. in physics and twenty years of studies in Buddhism, Jon Wesick has enjoyed a front row seat at a collision in worldviews. When he spots a shiny piece of wreckage, he darts into the roadway and retrieves a poem, story or novel. Jon has published over a hundred poems in small press journals such as Pearl, Pudding, Slipstream, Asinine Poetry, Cherry Blossom Review, Colere, Edgz, The Magee Park Anthology, Mannequin Envy, Midway Journal,The New Verse News, Raving Dove, The San Diego Poetry Annual   and others. He’s published eight chapbooks, including two that have been honorable mentions in the San Diego Book Awards. His poem, “Bread and Circuses” won second place in the 2007African American Writers and Artists contest.


The Blue Strawberry

of my dreams tastes of sky.
It grows by glacier-fed
lapis lazuli lakes
on the Tibetan plateau.

When my tongue touched
A plastic food coloring bottle,
I did not find the flavor of freedom
and expanse, only stained lips,
my mother’s frantic call to the doctor,
and father’s nervous pacing.

We drove to the Oregon coast
And picked wild sweet strawberries
by the aquamarine Pacific.
They tasted only of sunsets and sailor’s delight.

Lured by the ice cream truck’s bells
I chased blue raspberry popsicles
down steamy August streets.
Caught a few, but I never saw
one growing on a vine.

Blue corn tortillas and huckleberry hot sauce
clothe my taste buds in purple robes of royalty.
Like a king beset by his ministers,
my tongue envies the sky-clad yogi in the square.

(May, 2002)

"Garden at Giverny" (1900) by Claude Monet