PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Christian Ward is a 28 year old London-based poet and translator. His work has appeared in Elimae, The Kenyon Review and Diagram and is forthcoming in Ezra, The Emerson Review and Welter. His chapbook, Slippage, was published by Liverpool-based Erbacce Press in 2008.

The Sea | Forget the Signifier


The Sea
Walking down the street,
I empty my pockets
of the sea I was looking
after for you. Mussels
come tumbling first,
cracking open their castanet
shells on the pavement.
Acres of seaweed and oysters.
Taking a deep breath,
I pour an ocean into the middle
of the road. Islands of people
and cars bob in the newly created sea.
Somewhere amongst this
is an old trawler. You are inside,
sending signals back to a lighthouse
forgotten in a trouser pocket.

(Previously published in the Ballard Street Poetry Journal)


Forget the Signifier
 After Walker Evans' photo 'Girl in Fulton Street'
This is not the city Frank
wrote about. There are no
hum coloured cabs or men
stopping for a cheeseburger
and malt shake. Lana Turner
has not died and the sky
has not worn its funeral coat.
This is the city made of glass
where people wear alien nouns
like Fedora and Cloche Hat
and sniff the air like gundogs,
eager for the scent of their identity.

(Previously published in Diagram)

The Wave by Renoir