PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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C.P.Stewart lives with his family in North Yorkshire. Formerly singer/songwriter with the cult band Laughing Gravy, his poetry has been widely published in England, Canada and the United States. He is currently the poetry editor for Sotto Voce arts and literary magazine.

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Shoreham Nights | The Statue | Snapshot


Shoreham Nights

Not too far back
is a country lane,
and there,
beneath a Shoreham oak,

(his night's work done -
           the moon gone down )

sleeps Samuel Palmer, artist,
angel-droppings in his beard and hair.


The Statue

It was in the Pursuit of Beauty
that he found True Greatness.

There is a statue, in his honour,
at the summit of Seven Martyrs Hill,

one great, bronze, arm forever raised,
its fingers extended,

as though, desperately,
reaching out to something fleeing.



There is a small, tattered, photograph,
black and white:
my mother, and me, asleep, in her arms,
against a backdrop of late winter birches.

She is wearing  a smart, chequered, overcoat; belted.
I am bound up, tight like a pupa, in a heavy woollen blanket.
And on her face is a look of such rapt concern,
as though she knew, even then, that I was utterly defenceless.                

Henri Edmond Cross "Blue Boat" (1899)