PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Andrea Porter's work has been published in numerous poetry magazines in the UK, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia. She is a member of successful  Joy of Six Poetry Ensemble that has performed all over the UK and in New York. She has had two chapbooks published and her second, a narrative sequence of poems was adapted into a radio play for the BBC by the award winning RSC and West End dramatist, Fraser Grace. She works collaboratively with visual artists and musicians and her latest piece, DNAvigate was commissioned by the European Fund. Her first full collection called 'A Season of Small Insanities' will be published by Salt Publishing in April 2009.


Boy with a Cat

Painting by Christopher Woods (Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge, England)
The poser and his sister inspired Les Enfants Terrible by Cocteau. 

The Siamese extends her claws,
the boy, remains impassive.
She flexes, digs them further in,
through flannel to thigh flesh,
taut with the business of posing.

He will grow into this hand
that clamps the writhing cat
between his opened legs.
His tie swings to the right
a pendulum to mark time
spent sitting and staring.
He waits for the claws to retract,
for her to bolt for the door.

He has sat on the bed, watched
his sister file her nails, his teeth
edgy at the slight rasp of emery.
He has imagined her drawing
thin bloodlines on his back.

Francisco de Goya "Boy with cats"