PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Helen Peterson is the managing editor of Chopper Poetry Journal out of New London, Ct, and has previously published in Fell Swoop, Wildreness House Review, Battered Suitcase, diddledog, Hiss Quarterly,  Right Hand Pointing, Elimae, Haruah, Zygote in My Coffee, Pedestal Magazine (book review), Literary Fever, Debris Magazine, Images Inscript, and Poetrybay. Her work was also featured in an anthology put out by Poet Plant Press last Fall.  For more information about Chopper, visit the Myspace page.

Tomb Painter | In the Pagoda


Tomb Painter

It all started in D.C.:

8th grade field trip, walking
as solemn around the bed
as you’d been at the Wall,
the Holocaust museum elevator,
but, like a shade beckoning,
something changes in your eye-- you stop
tilt your head to the disposable Kodak
and click—the shadow
concave in Lincoln’s pillow.

No, 30 years on, pulling the shade
to get a more perfect light,
you still marvel at the tint of brown
spreading on cotton, ignoring the smell
pervading the Pentax lens,
the almost festive wine-splattered wall.


In the Pagoda

medicating myself with California rolls
singing happy Cibo Mato songs as they
slide down my throat I look around
wonder why this place is always empty
as I stir more honey into my green tea—
the scent of sushi is fresh in my hair
sashimi tears drip from my eyelids
into the miserly puddle of wasabi
escaping radish curls—

the waiter lifts the water pitcher to his eyelids
my inner tuna whispers (no thank you)

Titian "Portrait of Laura de Dianti"