PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Mr. Huskey writes poetry and fiction.  His work has appeared in a few journals, including Keyhole Magazine, Thieves Jargon, Word Riot, and Zygote In My Coffee, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Links to his work can be found at  He lives in Virginia.

Empty Box by a Busy Road | Nurses Stationed by Moonlight


Empty Box by a Busy Road

I often wonder what she does
on the days of no delivery.

Are absent Big-and-Tall catalogs
creased in a corner of her den?

Do rejection letters, unopened,
balance the crooked fridge
her folks left her in death?

Maybe she got that professional letter
a month ago--the one saying that
while my resume stoked interest,
such-and-such knew so-and-so,
and my vitae burned like twine.

I once sent myself a poem
to see how nice it felt.
I bet she pulls it off the nightstand
before sleep, lets the curl
of paper hug away the tremble
in her hands as she reads
into the emptiness
we share; then weeping,

pulls out my credit card statement
and orders a Hawaiian-print shirt
for the son who never calls.


Nurses Stationed by Moonlight

He went with the dawn,
eyes closed on a wish,
He thought back on those days
when the air cooled across their faces.
Thick smells of lure
and algae saturated bodies
along the mosquito bumps
and rings of sun.

Chirping machines cluttered the words
as we leaned in to catch the gasps
scratching out of the hell
befallen his throat.  Our ears
stretched to grab his breaths,
the strained syllables
barely audible, pulling us

back to the water,
where children played barefoot
on the old pier.  Sticks as swords.
Laughter fell to yelling,
shrieking, heavenward curses into

cussing, tearing at the devil.
The machines went mad
as the man they monitored.
He dissected our brains
with a delicate mallet,
piercing our ears with his goodbye.
The teary regret drowning
with the babies he would not save.

Offerings to Pharaoh Ramesses III and Isis.” by Salvador Cherubini, 1832-1844