PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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An artist and writer, Melinda resides in Kansas, USA, and writes in several different genre including short stories and novels, with a particular interest in science fiction.  She was a feature writer and monthly columnist for the outdoor sporting newspaper "Up the Creek News."  She has completed her third poetry manuscript.  A regular contributor to Pirene's Fountain, she has also won a number of poetry competitions, including two honorable mentions and two citations in the National Federation of State Poetry Society's 2008 competitions.  She has self-published a book of haiku and has had several haiga published through the World Haiku Association.

Abstractions | The Bounty Here



He presses crumbling graphite deep; the white
of heavy texture grips each forceful line.
Suggestions of a brawny form excite
his frantic hand to grandly redefine
the flesh and blood of life upon the page.
Reality dissolves just past the muse.
Would this, a caustic piece, perhaps engage,
enrage the academe's elitist views?
No matter – his is not to fashion tripe.
Instead, he guts his soul and spills it raw
onto the wall of shadows, smears a swipe
of sore emotion drawn from passion's craw.

He dares the critic's eye to search beyond
abhorrence, grasp where truth and beauty bond.

January, 2008

The Bounty Here
(Italian sonnet)

Dead flat this land no matter where I faced;
a place of sand and nettles dried to bone
with scarce a branch to shade the sun-drenched stone.
This barren scape my heart had not embraced.

A stranger here, my life had been misplaced;
some cosmic slip for which I would atone.
I longed for verdant hills, not sky alone,
but my misgivings soon would be erased.

On nights so clear I hear the Milky Way,
I raise my eyes to watch the prize unfold
and see the inky heavens drop their tears.
In unobstructed views of cosmic play
the Leonids give chase, and I behold
great wonders falling down around my ears.

March, 2007

LANTURN by Melinda B Hipple