PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Mary Hutchins Harris is a poet and essayist.  She has been a featured Poet for the Piccolo Spoleto Sundown Series and the Piccolo Spoleto Stories for Life Festival. She has been published in Tar River Poetry, Antietam Review and other literary print and on-line publications.  In October 2007, her first chapbook, "A Tongue Full of Yeses" was selected by Kwame Dawes for publication in the 2007 South Carolina Poetry Initiative/USC Press Chapbook Contest.



Blessed be the sun climbing the wall of his room,
lining the sheers, blind by blind, dust motes
crossing the staff of hours, minutes of shattered
blue, high C sparkling the bed where he lay,
chamois and sandpaper, shields against the
unimagined. Blessed be the rain tapping its step-
ball-change on the skylight, sending fear to slide
along his arms, watering the trees he planted to
shade us from too much heat, bridges of whispers
that could have taught him to sing, carried eyelash
to ear, until winter found its way to someone else’s
roots. Blessed be the unmeasured wants gargled in
the roof of his mouth, watermarked in mossy green,
untraced to tattered sheets, or stars that wandered
alone, his everything imagined.

Previously published in chapbook, A Tongue Full of Yeses:
Stepping Stones Press, 2008.

Still Life- Bouquet of Dahlias and White Book by Henri Matisse