PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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John Parry Griffiths was born in Amlwch, on Mona, in Wales, into a welsh speaking family. Later moving to England where he was educated. He holds a masters degree in painting from the royal college of art, London, where he received the cultural history award for a submission of prose pieces and poems. Writing has always accompanied his primary activity as a painter, and he has exhibited in Britain and Europe, with awards, and with works held in public and private collections. A teacher of Art for 25 years, often active in writing groups in London and the south east.

Call Up | A Rembrandt Retrospective


Call Up

The green leaf cover grown above the glade
Throws shards of shadowed light: undulating
Slowly yet softly, caught as if breathing
In the steel mirror of a burnished blade.
Reflecting back a dull camouflage - swayed
By that sure pendulum swing. Implying
A patient tread of stealthy feet, stirring
My dread at Death's unscheduled parade.

Those symbols of his station heralded,
He views through two darkened sockets: grinning
From his hood. Old dank teeth surely honing
His long art: conscripting from life, the dead.
His demarcation line deftly patrolled,
Wakens me in bed, my blood running cold. 

Revised: Oct 2008


A Rembrandt Retrospective

Standing still in an imaged reflection
Reflecting. His face is a ripened fruit.
Your equal: despite tired old rags he'd worn,
A king captured in soft studio light.
Though suffering under no illusion,
But holding weight and solitary might
Of a knarled oak: in leaf. Sure, it's strength won
Slowly through the years to this matured height.

And now through mazed rooms his productions flow
As past deeds seed my own understanding
Grown in this throng of folk that come and go
Below his glazed gaze that's still commanding
A courage: that in less than a decade
Will reveal himself senile and decayed.

Revised:  Feb 2009

Huw Gadarn by John Parry Griffiths