PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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The World Behind It, Chaos, Michael Dickel’s collection of poetry and visual art, is available as an e-book from “why vandalism?” ( His poems have recently appeared in Poetry Midwest, why vandalism?, and Abramelin: the Journal of Poetry and Magick and won awards in the International Reuben Rose Poetry Competition. Dickel teaches writing at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Late Night Jazz

It’s the end of the drive, the night fallen down
into the sleeping dream-state of the union,
awareness a jazz guitar and stand-up bass
drumming on the sidewalls of our tires
doggedly flashing past the cold air.
Smoke and cigarettes, the lovely woman
sleeps by the string bass with a coat
to keep it warm and we all want
a picture but Aaron—only Aaron—
took photos of the band through
the curtains from outside the house
while nobody noticed and everybody
came, engineers hovering in the basement
and writers full of liquor dancing
to the rhythm of cow bells.

“Three Musicians, 1921” Pablo  Picasso