PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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May 2009

Pirene's Fountain

                By Katherine Herschler, 2008

Poetry : Current Issue
May 2009, Volume 2 : Issue 5

Joseph Millar Poem for Rembrandt
(Featured Poet)  
Rebecca Seiferle Goya: Los Desastres de la Guerra
(Featured Poet) Two Versions of Bear Canyon
  In an Age of Propositions
Maria Terrone Artist, Anon.
(Featured Poet) For Blanche, Who Named the Colors.
Mark Doty Lilies in New York
(Guest Poet)  
Jane Hirshfield Painting
(Guest Poet)  
Linda Pastan In the Realm of Pure Color
(Guest Poet)  
Matthew Abuelo Risking Absurdity
Malcolm Alexander At a Gallery of Unknowns
  The Salt Journey
R.A. Allen Blacktop
Peter Arcese Cyprian
Bob Beagrie & Be Careful what you Fish For
Andy Willoughby Shaman Song
Doug Bolling The Drowned Man Speaks
Karen Bowles Beam
David Nelson Bradsher A Study in Rodin
  Through a Parlor Window
  Primary Care
Anne Bryant-Hamon Sunflowers at Sunset
Christine Casher My Father at the Met
Lauren Cerruto Her Reply
  My Ex
Lisa J. Cihlar Find This
  Surrounded by Orchards in Door County
Tameca L. Coleman Mermaid
Nabina Das A Soothsayer's Dilemma
Michael Deckel Late Night Jazz
Daniel De Culla A Book of Hours
Krikor Der Hohannesian Mood Indigo
Mary Marie Dixon Odyesseus
Carol Lynn Grellas The Goodwife
John Parry Griffiths Call Up
  A Rembrandt Retrospective
Kenneth P. Gurney Sundowner
Graham Hardie Morning Flower
Mary Hutchins Harris Kyrie
Corey Harvard If I Could Show You
Serena Hess A Taste of Innocence
  Easter Sunday
Melinda B Hipple Abstractions
  The Bounty Here
Jason Huskey Empty Box
  Nurses Stationed by Moonlight
Alan King American City Movie Dinner
David W. Landrum The Armies of the Night
Peter Layton Leaves
  Cut Edges of Glass
Donal Mahoney The City Editor
  The Copyreader
Corey Mesler What I Said to Heather
Ayaz Daryl Neilson The Heart Dance
Scott Owens The Imperfect Garden
  Father's House
Simon Perchik Between my Hands
Puma Perl Without a Word
  Uptown at the Met
Helen Peterson Tomb Painter
  In the Pagoda
Mychèle Poitras Vermilion, because I like the way it rolls
  off my French tongue
Andrea Porter Boy with a Cat
Amal Saleh The Hard Way
Heather Ann Schmidt Ganymede
  Elegy Wrapped in an Etude
Kathryn Shinko Cossacks
Jeffrey Side Plaster Piece
  Call me to the Wind
Carol Smallwood Waiting for the Chemo Pills
Laura Solomon The Latest Lighthouse Keeper
C.P. Stewart Shoreham Nights
  The Statue
Ray Succre Close as Kim
  Ladies and Gentleman, Animals Snouts
Leslie Tate Encounter (Slight Return)
Christian Ward The Sea
  Forget the Signifier
Roseanne Wasserman Qui Vive, Qui, Vire
Jon Wesick The Blue Strawberry
James S. Wilk At Body Worlds
Jason Alan Wilkinson Whispers of Morning
Naomi Woodis Hopper and Us
  Rothko's Silence
Ernie Wormwood Small Machine
Simone Zanin Five Studies for a Portrait