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January 2009


Dear Readers,


We bid you a warm welcome to the January 2009 edition of Pirene's Fountain. It is hard to believe a year has passed since we anxiously awaited the birth of our new venture, but we can indeed look back and see how our journal has grown and matured. For those of you who have been with us over the last year, we have appreciated your support. If you are joining us for the first time, we hope you enjoy the variety of poetry and personality offered here. Our first anniversary's theme is "Passion of the Pen," which celebrates the art of writing and what inspires us all to put pen to paper.

In our Showcase  this month, we interview and feature the work of prize-winning poet Lisel Mueller. Born in Germany and immigrating to America in 1939, Ms. Muller has won numerous awards over her long and celebrated career, including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. We invite you to drop by and discover why Lisel is regarded as one of America's most influential poets of the twentieth century.

Do stop by and visit our Folios  section where we present the work of two contemporary poets, Kim Addonizio and Michelle Bitting. With styles that range from humorous to daring, these poets explore the drama and passion of the human experience, often from a very personal perspective.

Also in this issue, we are honored to name the nominees and winner of our first Annual Editors’ Award. All poems accepted for publication last year were automatically entered. One note: During the selection process, we discovered the previous edition had not made it clear that the PF staff and featured writers, in fairness, were to be excluded as nominees. We have amended the submission guidelines to reflect the change.

The editors are amazed by the diverse, entertaining and interesting work submitted this past year. We understand how valuable and personal each and every poem is, and regret we can accept so few in number. We thank all those who have taken time to submit their work, and are pleased to announce the 2008 finalists:



Filaments and Tints of Life- Diane Adair
What to Pray For- Marc Beaudin
The Wind Chime- David Nelson Bradsher
Identity Crisis- Sue Millard
Breath Within a Sigh- Blu Rider

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Marc Beaudin.

His poem What to Pray For has been selected for the 2008 Pirene’s Fountain Editor's Award.” Marc’s poetry has appeared in various journals. He has authored three chapbooks, a full-length collection of poetry and an autobiographical novel. In addition, Beaudin is a playwright, stage and technical director and scenic designer.

We would also like to congratulate one of our poets, Maria Gillan, who just won the American Book Award for her collection “All That Lies Between Us.” Read her beautiful poem in the current issue. Fans of Jane Yolen’s work will enjoy checking out her poems in our current issue section.

Please enjoy the exhibition of rare, artistic pens by various designers, scattered throughout our pages. (Permission to use images for this issue granted by Mr. Joonho Pak of “Joon Pens.”)

Lastly, PF would like to remind readers that we are now accepting submissions for our Spring and Fall issues. We invite you to take your time and savour our January offerings, and we'll see you again in May, when we will feature Rebecca Seiferle, Joseph Millar and other inspiring poets. 

Tony Walbran
Sydney, Australia