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January 2009

Pirene's Fountain
"Passion of the Pen"

Pablo Neruda    

From: The Word

 “The word
was born in the blood,
grew in the dark body, beating,
and flew through the lips and the mouth.”

(1904 - 1973)    

Poetry : Current Issue
January 2009, Volume 2 : Issue 4

Kim Addonizio For You
Featured Poet Lucifer at the Starlite
Michelle Bitting A Request and Confession
Featured Poet Window Seat
Lisel Mueller Stalking the Poem
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David Nelson Bradsher Distraction and Reaction
  At the Captain's Table
  The Convenient Muse
Anselm Brocki Heirloom
Michael Brownstein The Secret I Need
Roberta Burnett Reading Tu Fu in Translation
  Piano Bar with Singers
Michael Ceraolo Story in Your Eyes
Rusty Childers Hephaestus Running
  Divorce papers
Alison Croggon The Edgeless Page
  Emily Bronte
Maggie Flanagan-Wilkie The Square Root of a Lyricist
  A Page in My Handbook
Maria Mazziotti Gillan The Cup
Ami Kaye Papyrus
Amy King This Pulp Feels Paper
  Radio Sleep
Oliver Lodge A Satsuma for Neruda
  Arse Poetica
  The Pork Pie Hat
Joanne Lowery Barking Dogs
Aine MacAodha A Prayer to the Integrity of Words
Amy MacLennan I Close My Eyes
Steve Meador Witching Hour
  Last Visit Home
Charles Morrison Buk
  The Muse
Scott Owens 13 Ways of Poetry
  Existential Canonization
Doug Ramspeck Fox Lake
  After That
Maria Terrone A Poet in the Customs House
Lark Vernon Versed
  A Matter of Punctuation
Julene Tripp Weaver In the Evening
  A Poem in Twenty Lines
Sam Wilding Winter
Jane Yolen The Importance of a Single Word
  "Ich Bin A Yood"

(Aurora’s fountain pen above, inspired by the master Italian jeweller Cellini, is a true work of art. Handcrafted sterling silver barrel with a solid 18kt gold nib. All pen images featured here courtesy of “Joon Pens.”)