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January 2009



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Our heartfelt gratitude to these wonderful people for their contributions to the January 2009 edition of Pirene’s:

Lisel Mueller and her publishers for permission to use her poetry from various book collections, and for her invaluable time and thoughts about poetry for this issue.

Kim Addonizio for her gracious permission to use her poetry in the Folio feature.

Michelle Bitting for her permission to include her work in her Folio feature.

Joonho of Joon Pens, New York, for his gracious permission to use images of artistic and rare pens through our pages of this special themed edition of PF. For information on Joon Pens, please refer to our links page.

S.M.A. for his invaluable input on software transfer, and for his help on coding and technical matters.

Dreamstime for the beautiful photographs in this issue.

Tracy McQueen for her various renderings and image choices of writing implements through the ages.

Katherine Herschler, a web-master extraordinaire, for her dedication and continuing zeal to make Pirene’s Fountain a quality publication.

A special note of thanks to our wonderful Pirene’s Fountain staff whose tireless effort and sincere commitment to this ongoing project demonstrates team work of exceptional quality. Their dedication and enthusiasm is well above the call of duty.

(Sophistication, technology and craftsmanship are all combined at their peak elements with the Hexagon writing instruments, representing Caran d'Ache's finest. The Hexagon fountain pen fills with a cartridge or converter and features an 18kt gold nib.)