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January 2009


Comments submitted by some of our readers:

From Volume 1, Issue 3 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • I think any poet would love to have their work presented here. The poetry is really wonderful and not just page after page of the same style. All types of poetry are given relevance and co-exist in peace! Also, it is one of the few journals that accepts previously published works.


  • You've done it again, Pirene's Fountain-- Loved the features, loved the poetry, love the journal!
  • I think this one's the best of Pirene's Fountain. Well balanced with a variety of excellent poets and absolutely stunning presentation, artwork and photography. The featured poets are top-notch. Can't wait for the next issue
  • I love this journal. Every new issue is better than the one before. I enjoy the really wonderful poetry, the feature articles, and the well-written first page introductions with a theme. The attention to detail is commendable and it is a pleasure to stop by and visit. I have it set on my favorites--this one's a keeper!

    Deborah Manning

  • Beautiful folio article on Dorianne Laux! Love her poems chosen for this issue.

    Sandra Heath

  • I liked Pirene’s Fountain so much that I read the back issues. Top-notch! Lots of talent here and I am looking forward to reading more.

    John C. Matthews

  • Alison Croggon --she becomes a mentor in the usage of language and beckons me....while I am drawn to IV Howl, all of her pieces shatter my comfort and I am strangely comforted by her ability


  • Pure class in every way. The showcased poets are simply intimidating, they are so good.  Anyone would be proud to find one of their poems in this great online publication.

    Julie George

  • It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was worth all the long hours and hard work I know you put into the site to make it a peaceful departure from the “real” world. Thank you for inviting me into your secret garden! I plan to visit often.

    Candice Sloan

  • Well, for me, Pirene’s Fountain is first rate. Bravo. You have achieved a standard of excellence I have seldom seen on the internet. Great job, I'm duly impressed.


  • It’s not often one can call a website lovely. But that’s what I would have to call Pirene’s Fountain. It seems to welcome the reader in for a visit—for a stay—and almost a step back in time. I will visit often.
    Congratulations on your fine achievement.

    Cynthia Brackett-Vincent
    Publisher, Editor, THE AUROREAN
    Published since 1995

  • I was happy to read a Greek poet who is so modern. Varos writes wonderful poetry.
  • The quality of the poetry is exceptional and the website is a pleasure to use. If something can replace books, this may be it! The dedication of the writers and editors really comes through.
  • A.S.

  • Of Dimitris Varos:
    There is something in each of his pieces that commands my attention, locks onto my brain and stays with me after the reading.  I don't have to know what that something is, just that it is.  


  • Great journal. Have you considered expanding to short stories and reviews? Also, maybe some art submissions? I’m an artist (and writer) and I’d love to see my work up in your journal.

    Don H

  • I couldn't think of a lovelier place than Pirene's Fountain to have a conversation about poetry. The issue looks stunning and I can’t wait to read more. Right from the beginning I knew Pirene’s Fountain was going to be a beacon.
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