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October 2008

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Our heartfelt gratitude to some wonderful people for their contributions to this edition of Pirene’s:

Dimitris Varos for permission to use his photographs on the site and for his poetry.

Dorianne Laux for her gracious permission to use her poetry in the Folio feature.

Aine MacAodha for her permission to include her work and photography in her feature.

Karen Bowles from Luciole Press for permission to use her review for the Folio feature
about Ms.MacAodha.

S.M.A. for his invaluable consulting on the coding for the new website Folios additons.

Tracy McQueen for her stunning artwork, as always.

Katherine Herschler for her superb and brilliant work with web-site maintenance and her frequent tussles with Dreamweaver.

As always, we thank our friends and family members for their
support and encouragement in making this venture possible.