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October 2008



Comments submitted by some of our readers:

From Volume 1, Issue 2 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • This journal is full of beautiful images, interesting information and gorgeous, quality poetry. Too many wonderful poems to name. Nice job, Pirene’s Fountain!

                        Jian Lee
  • I had never heard of Alison Croggon before and after reading the article, I am impressed with her poetry. The article helps to make me appreciate the poems better.

                        Ron Bates
  • Ami Kaye’s "Through the Lens"
    Whenever hair stands up on my arms and salutes what my eyes and ears have received, I know I am in the midst of human understanding.  

  • Morrison says a lot in a few words, slightly dark, but good. Lodge’s “Kenavera” is beautiful with interesting historical detail. You have some talented poets in a superior journal.

  • As always, the quality of poetry is outstanding. The works of Blu Rider enthrall me, but my favourite piece in this issue was, 'Through the Lens' by Ami Kaye. Every word in this poem weaves an emotional pattern that absorbs the reader from the first line to the last.

                        Martin Knox
  • I liked “Dew” by Melinda Hipple and “Blinded” by Lark Vernon. These poems had a great flow to them. “I need you” by Dimitris Varos was really good. I liked his other poems too.

                        Melissa Eisner
  • After reading "Wings" by Diane Adair, I feel inspired to put on wings and stretch my comfort zone  and start exploring. Thanks, Pirene's Fountain for your excellent  poems.

    in Olmsted Falls
  • I especially enjoyed the perceptions revealed in Melinda BHipple's Picasso's Children. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • Pirene’s Fountain journal is stunning! I enjoyed the way different cultures in the world have their own myths about trees, and the poem on the front page, “The Rowans” by Oliver Lodge was really good. I also liked “Fruit Tree,” “Lemon  Tree” and the “Song of the Trees,” all different, but beautifully written.

                        Bill Whitby
  • Diane Adair's "Wings" springs flight with wonderful internal rhymes and fanciful sprites of nature, lifting us and urging our bravura.

                        Jim Lawless, Cleveland Poet
  • What else can I say besides magnificently beautiful!