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Last updated:
May 2008

Editor's Page


Dear Readers,


Welcome to Pirene’s Fountain. We hope you will enjoy reading this issue which has been a rather exciting one for us to put together. Please do stop by and visit our showcase, highlighting works of internationally acclaimed Australian poet and fantasist,
Alison Croggon.

Also in this issue, do not miss the works of Cynthia Brackett-Vincent whose light touch with the pen is filled with charm.

Once a year, we plan to publish around a motif. For January 2009, it will be “Passion of the Pen.” Aside from regular submissions, we will feature poems about writing, inspiration, muses, related themes, and of course, poetry!

In addition, we are implementing an annual Pirene’s Fountain Editors’ Award, to be announced in the January issues. Please see Submission Guidelines down to the end of the page for more information.

As always, it has been a pleasure reading and selecting poems for the journal and working together to bring some excellent poetry to share with you. We thank all the poets who submitted to us.


Have a wonderful summer and look out for our October issue where we will feature the Greek poet and photographer, Dimitris Varos. He has generously sent us a selection of his work for this edition, which you may read in the Current Issue section.

Best Wishes,

Oliver Lodge
Charles Morrison
Lark Vernon
Tony Walbran

PF Editors