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Our heartfelt gratitude to some wonderful people for their contributions to this edition of Pirene’s:

  • Alison Croggon for her permission to re-print her poetry and for providing all the materials required for the Showcase feature, including the superb essay about what poetry means to her.

  • Dimitris Varos for graciously allowing us to publish his work, and for the beautiful Pirene link in his own website, Mindgames.

  • Cynthia Brackett-Vincent for sharing her experience with us, her kind encouragement and for including our link in her web-site.

  • Tracy McQueen for her graphic rendering of various trees.

  • Katherine Herschler for her brillant work on the web-design and tech maintenance.

  • Edaly Sy of Geneca for his technical expertise with browser compatibility and advice.

  • Dreamstime for various photographs in the magazine.

  • Melinda B Hipple for streamlining the Pirene Logo.

  • Nick S. and Ivan Mazin for brainstorming the “Tree” motif and sharing many PF sessions over cinnamon bread and tea.

  • Raj for technical expertise and linking the review and thank-you pages.

As always, we thank our friends and family members for their support and encouragement in making this venture possible.