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Comments submitted by some of our readers:

From Volume 1, Issue 1 of Pirene’s Fountain

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading the poetry in this journal and look forward to reading the next one. I think that you have done an excellent job of publishing this journal. It is very professional and reader friendly.

                Wendy Anne Wilson
  • What a lovely poetry journal. Wonderful poems, beautiful artwork, all presented in a professional manner. This is one site I will be visiting often.

                Deborah Manning
  • I am impressed by the philosophy of this journal and feel that universality of inspiration. The beauty, the kindness, and humanity in these offerings is touching and inspiring. The images flow so well with the feel of the poetry and the journal itself. The poem “Pirene” reflects these emotions about art and beauty. “Impromptu” by Ami Kaye brings tears to my eyes. All mothers can feel this in their souls. It also shows how important music is to all of us, we cannot live without and it gives us a way to interpret and express the feelings that we cannot articulate, but that are present in our hearts.

                Svetlana Budilovsky
  • I like that there are different styles of writing. I will be interested to see what the future issues present. Nice, user-friendly site.
  • Just heard about your website and have only read your poem, Pirene. Such beautiful images! I especially love the lines:

    "mournful dirges in the waters flow and swallow gurgling eddies,
    "...she rises, dripping naiad's copious tears,"  
    " light silvers tear-drops to dreams (my favorite one),
    and "..inspiration whispers and roars.." I like the use of both "whispers" and "roars."

    Very well done! I look forward to seeing the rest of the website's offerings. I belong to Downriver Poets & Playwrights of Wyandotte, MI and Poetry Society of Michigan.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

                Jan Coyne
  • I found all of the poems in this premier issue of Pirene's Fountain to be quality work, but one in particular grabbed hold of me.  Ami Kaye's "Impromptu" spoke to me first as a troubled child, second as a pianist and third as mother aching for her son.  The last stanza grabbed me so completely that I had to stop reading to process the emotion. This poem will stay with me for a very long time.

                Melinda Hipple
  • You have done a superior job and anyone should be proud to place the care of their poems in your capable hands. I have forwarded it on to some poets who are pros and some who are just very good poets.  You may hear from them. Would be an honor to be part of this superior offering of poetry.  You have all my favorites there...not to mention yourself.

    Again...beautiful, beautiful is all I can say.  Congratulations.

                Julie G

  • What a WONDERFUL SITE!!! I read every poem. Just beautiful. I hope to submit some work for your next issue.

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to be in this lovely first edition.  I am proud to have my poetry there among so many other beautiful poems.

  • Ami, true poetess in the clear and vibrant sense of the word.  I am so excited to have the Pirene's Fountain site at my hand.  It will take me a while to read everything on the site. I can only imagine the others are fine at the craft as well. I want to savor each one.

  • The best thing about Pirene’s Fountain is the amazing variety, from emotionally deep works to lighter work, and the array of themes. I especially liked Ami Kaye’s “Impromptu” and Oliver Lodge’s “In Puris Naturalibus.” 

  • The Pirene's Fountain team!
    I paid a primary visit to your new site and found it simply marvelous.
    It has all good qualities that a poetry journal should have and the poetry submitted here in this issue is very selective.

    So far I've read Pirene. It’s a great poem and so befitting for your journal. The poem has the life imbibed with the spirit of Greek Mythology and with very nice progression in sequential order - from Pirene to Pegasus.

    I sincerely wish you grand success on this venture.

                Gautam Sen
  • Classy site. I liked the look, the ideas and the poetry equally.

    I liked The Leading Trees, and Songs of Resurrection Sung, Subway Ride and Whispers the best, but they were all good. Good luck. Let’s see more of the same.

                Donald Cohen
  • I liked Poker, Fine Vintage and Puris Naturalibus. In rhyming verse, I liked the Leading Trees best.

                Tom DeLuca
  • I liked all the sonnets. Even the free verse poems were pretty good too. It is a nice site and easy to navigate.
  • Congratulations! Nice art-work and presentation and really good content. A good variety makes this an interesting and pleasant journal. I haven’t read all the poems yet, but I like all the ones I have read so far.

                Rachel Keeling
  • “Flash” by Ami Kaye-Palpable in its sensitivity to and expression of the despair felt by the cast-off lover.  The former lover "glances down" and "smiles." He/she has moved on "easily."  The intensity of feelings of betrayal and search for understanding of the callousness of the lost lover are experienced by the reader, so powerful is the phrasing.

                Jon B.
  • I really enjoyed reading Pirene's Fountain, one of the nicest poetry journals I have read on-line. I like the format and the classy look of the journal. It is easy to navigate and the poetry chosen is all excellent. I liked all the poems but a few I enjoyed the most were Impromptu and Subway Ride by Ami Kaye, Daffodils and In Puris Naturalibus by Oliver Lodge, The Leading Trees by Melinda Hipple and Whispers by Charles Morrison. The art-work is lovely too. I look forward to the next issue.

                Carol Meyer