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January 2008

Editor's Page


Welcome to Pirene’s Fountain.

It is our pleasure to share this first edition with you, and hope you enjoy reading our selections for this issue. We celebrate the differences that encompass multiple eras and a variety of poetic genres and styles. Our resident poets maintain portfolios in the reading rooms, and because we are inspired by those who have gone before us, we showcase selected works of great poets. For those interested, we also have a group on Facebook. (See Contacts/Credits.)


Enjoy browsing and thank you for visiting us,
The Editors at Pirene’s Fountain.



Publisher’s Note
To our talented web designer, artist, and editors who have displayed unflagging dedication; to all the poets who have submitted their work, and to you- the readers, who complete the full circle of a written piece; I extend heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the coming year.

Ami Kaye