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Monsieur Michel Fillion of Antibes, France for information and artwork of Malcolm de Chazal, for the showcase page and for the dedication in Chazal’s own hand from a rare edition belonging to M.Fillion.
Galerie d'art Michel Fillion 11, rue des lits militaries Continents / Amérique France - 06600 Antibes

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Photographs on front page by A.S. Luxemberg Garden in Paris, France. Pond-side garden in Ilinois.

M. McKaye for Scottish Garden in reading room “Verse Garden.” for various pictures in the reading rooms.

Flying bird picture by Han Borger, photographer. Permission arranged by Hugh Stockton of for reading room “Winglift.”

Lighthouse watercolor by M. Gorawara

Pirene banner watercolor and all original sketches, including inkwell picture in Facebook’s “PF Poetry”
by Tracy McQueen

Web-design, HTML coding and tech-maintenance by Katherine Herschler

The entire staff of Pirene’s Fountain would like to gratefully acknowledge
their family members and friends, whose ongoing support and
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